How to create a New Way Now

a sustainable future? Financial collapse and ecological pressure will soon demand that we practice a different sort of social and economic life!

Don’t despair! Despite rising population, climate change and ecological damage, it is still possible, is affordable, and we can then live more relaxed, abundant and happier lives.

This is a breakthrough book

a rare combination of ecology, community and financial understanding, with cartoons!

When finance is regulated again and made less power hungry, we can liberate vast funds for good, for healthy countryside and vibrant townships. We can minimize the inevitable climate change dramas and conserve resources and reduce hours of work a week. Stress-less!

This is an optimistic message

a future younger people can imagine. It is do-able.

Already, in villages, cooperatives and in group living and small business cooperatives everywhere, millions of people are developing models of the future. By linking these experiments with liberated finance we can create a happier, sustainable future. A New Way Now!

Key Points


Currently big banks and investment houses are sucking out 40% of our wealth, exhausting people and the environment. Since private banks can create money out of thin air, they create monster profits  and exert monster political power. Now, due to speculative profit seeking, a financial collapse looms, dragging jobs and communities downwards.


Our planet and its beautiful water and climate is under threat. Real wealth is being liquefied to honour zeroes in a bank computer. “Growth” is mainly to pay interest, but is unsustainable.  Waste, excessive trade and pollution flow from the pursuit of profit above sustainability. We can create sustrainable organic and accountable economies which care for our Earth.


Community life can be so much more rewarding when people work less hours and small business flourishes. Land can be taxed better to allow young people access to homes and land, and ensure true land care. Racism and war will settle when  jobs are generated by stronger local economies.


Decentralize with liberated finance! We can save 70% and more of our work and resource use. When we reverse privatised ownership of money creation, electricity, water and services, and when our pension funds help local, accountable small business, we can have an ecologically accountable boom, creating many more jobs, and more social connections. We can reclaim our collective and individual sanity!