How prosperity and ecological sustainability can be fostered and afforded.

  1. Restore local control in workplaces, villages and institutions, especially education institutions; practising sensitive consensus CED, with ecology the first consideration in all decisions.
  2. Support small business and farms by finance and localization support including local currencies and capital trusts. Fund the good!
  3. Reregulate the large corporations and finance institutions so they serve society and ecology. Abolish most trade treaties which advantage large business.
  4. Instate a Hoarding Tax, which can end inflation, most interest charges and income tax and increase employment.
  5. Constrain finance by breaking up huge finance institutions, ending the derivative trade, and returning credit creation only to public banks.
  6. Restore national democracy by stopping lobbying, TV advertising and corruption, with internet voting.
  7. Use information technology to model change thoroughly, and decentralize industrial processes where possible.
  8. Tax resource use, capital movements and imports rather than income tax. Recycle and reuse.
  9. Reduce working hours and implement a universal basic income, with time banking. Share the work and the leisure.
  10. Care for children all over the world. More localized education and health. Volunteer support for dependent and elderly people. Assist poor countries acquire small technologies and reduce corruption.
  11. Cultivate inner awareness and World Peace. Meditation to be taught in schools. New international institutions to focus on ecology and peace. End war, support Peace.

How will we achieve all this? First understand the basic dynamics of our economy and environment, then link up with others! Print out the above list, amend, name source, and circulate it! Join the many organizations that care. Don’t lose heart, people are waiting for some real alternatives!


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