“a superb book”

– Professor Stuart Rees, Founder, Sydney Peace Prize


 brilliant, succinct and inspiring”

 – Michael Balsan, Byron Bay filmmaker
an activists’ handbook
– Jude Fanton, Seedsavers’ founder
 “A summary of how we can create a liveable future.

– Prof. Richard Hill, Pres. Ngara Institute.

“The issues raised in this book are literally matters of life and death – for the Earth, for society, for our personal well being.”

 Helena Norberg Hodge, Director of “Local Futures” and Founding Member of International Forum on Globalisation

My congratulations on a superb piece of work. This appraisal of future economic and social policies is compelling because Liz Elliott writes with passion and clarity. On issues ranging from re-defining work to demystifying money plus proposals to achieve peace, this book races and attracts. Every reader should find the journey stimulating and highly instructive. The marshalling of evidence is impressive, so too the addition of cartoon-like drawings and an invaluable bibliography. 
Promoting this work may depend on well organised seminars but the book also merits attention from the usual mainstream media reviews.

Professor Stuart Rees, Sydney University